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    Tuesday, April 21, 2009

    A SECRET to share

    I want to tell you a secret.

    Please don’t get me wrong with this. I am not a gossiper and gossip is not my cup of tea. This is a different secret. Not mine, not somebody, and most of all not yours. And what is this secret I’m telling about? Well, it’s a secret scrolled on this book: 

    The Secret is a book written by Rhonda Byrne, a name not known to everyone(not even me) but I personally thanked her for making me know the secret. After reading the book, I just have a lot of realizations about life, of the reason why I failed, why I have a lot of problems, why life seems so hard for me, why I am poor, why I don’t have money, why I’m sad, why I have enemies, etc…etc…..

    While reading the book, I just simply laughed because I found there that the reasons why we have all these negativities is because of US. Yes, you are accountable of your own failures and you simply cannot blame it to others. If you are having circumstances right now, it’s a consequence of what you did previously.

    I learned that there is such a thing called UNIVERSE and it is like a Genie, and that if you wish something, he will generously give it to you. Now,how can we give our wishes to the UNIVERSE?- By simply thinking of it. What you are thinking is giving impression to the UNIVERSE that you are actually wishing for it. For example, you are complaining about something, you may notice that when you are complaining, you will get into situation that will give you more reasons to complain-because the UNIVERSE might interpreted it that you want to complain and so HE will give you more reasons to complain because he thought you want it, you wish for it. So, if you don’t have money, do not say “I am poor!” or “I don’t have money!” – because these are negative statements, and the more you think you are poor-then the poorer you may get.The bottomline is, we should be careful of what we are thinking, because we are not aware that there’s an element called UNIVERSE that is listening to what you are thinking hence giving an impression that you wished for it.

    But what is exactly the secret?

    The secret is actually the Law of Nature: “Likes attracts likes”. If you still can’t get it, I elaborate further. It simply boils down to this: If you think POSITIVE, then you will get POSITIVE, If you think NEGATIVE, then you will get NEGATIVE. The book taught me to become positive of my thoughts. As much as possible do not entertain negative thoughts because this will bring something negative to you….and if something bad happen-the more you will think of it-the more negative thinking and the more negative situations will be given to you by the Universe. Meaning, in every circumstances, think positive-think good- for you will only feel good if you are thinking good. You can’t feel good if you are thinking bad right? So, if you get into situations, no matter how simple or complicated it is, check yourself, ask yourself….” DO I FEEL GOOD?”- “AM I THINKING RIGHT?”- if the answer is no, then switch your thought to something better so that you may feel better- and if you think good, you feel good-then good things will happen for you. Sometimes we see ourselves getting in “stuck” into unlikely situations-it is because we keep on thinking of the problem and the more we think of it, the more we are giving energy to it-then this will be sent out to the Universe and the Universe in return will give you more and more problems because HE think you liked it because you keep on thinking on it.

    I also learned the beauty of Visualization. It is as if thinking about the things you like. In layman’s term, we can say it’s as simple as Daydreaming..but you know what? It’s one of the secret to achieve your goal. By merely thinking that you got it, that you are into it. For example, you want to have a car, then think of yourself driving the car you want and feel as if you already have it. You just can’t simply say “I want to have that car someday”, because the word “someday” may take you forever.

    Now, about the UNIVERSE that I am talking about. I would introduce you to him. Who HE is? UNIVERSE is just like an energy, you cannot see it, you cannot touch it, you cannot hear it…but it is existing. It is everywhere but you can’t see it. Can you think of a person who can be present anywhere but can’t see it?...Yes,it’s God..therefore we can equate this as ENERGY=UNIVERSE=GOD.

    Amazing right?

    Two thumbs up for this book.

    Very Nice. I recommend you read it.

    And special thanks to Odessa for lending me the book. 


    1. Naa pud documentary video ani. Nice jud kaau xa.

    2. Yeah....it was mentioned in the book....I hope I can watch it.....


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