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    Thursday, April 21, 2011

    Dine In at Ctres Buffet Restaurant and Piano Bar at Davao City

    DISCLAIMER: I am not in anyway connected to Ctres. I am not getting any commission from them. This is just my way of saying thank you for their good accommodation during our stay.

    We had this chance to meet a colleague from Australia and we have chosen Ctres Buffet Restaurant and Piano bar as our meeting place. The Ctres Buffet Restaurant and Piano bar is located at E.Palma Gil St. Bo. Obrero Corner J.P. Laurel Avenue, Bajada, Davao City. They are just in front of the Hybrid disco bar at Wheels More Compound and it is just about 200 steps away from my workplace.

    This is my first time to dine in at Ctres. The place is very small, so if you are planning for a get together or a dinner meeting, I recommend Ctres because the place is not that crowded. The good thing about this restaurant is that, everything is organized. The moment you get inside the restaurant, you will be greeted with accommodating staffs.

    Like any other restaurants, they offer several menus which would really satiate your craving with foods. I think they are changing menu daily, but their main “food attraction” there are the crabs and tempura. Their crabs are so good, I heard it came all the way from Cotabato, I am not quite sure about this, but you can really see that it's fresh and cultured. I also like the panga, that's part of a fish which I really enjoy eating especially in the beach. They also have chicken and pork.

    I also like the desserts. They have macaroni salad, chocolate fountain and mango float. They also serve cakes and butter scotch. I love all their desserts that I ended up eating more of it than their main menus.

    If you are planning to visit Ctres, you can call them at telephone number 221-9175 to ask for their menu of the day. If you will come in group, it would be good if you can reserve ahead of time as the tables are limited. You can eat all you can for only 350 pesos.

    We stayed there for almost three hours and for that duration, I haven't heard somebody playing a piano. I asked the receptionist where is the piano bar, sad to say that they are not playing piano anymore, so don't be deceived by the name of the restaurant. Anyway, you come there to eat and not to listen though.

    More Pictures:

    Special thanks to Captck Full (Dale Agustin) for the Photos

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