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    Friday, April 22, 2011

    Samsung Smart TV- The Summer Saver (a Samsung short story)

    It’s summer, and if we talk about summer, we are actually talking about sun, beaches and party. This is the time of the year when everybody is spared from homework, quizzes and stressful exams.

    This is the only time you can forget the faces of your teachers which you are trying to avoid for the whole 10 months but seems to be inevitable.

    I think everybody is enjoying summer now. All the students rejoice and celebrate summer except for Mikey, a 10 year old kid from the Samsung Village.

    Mikey has planned a lot of stuffs prior to summer. He already scheduled beach hopping, basketball tournaments and other fun stuffs. In fact, the whole summer calendars including the holy week are all fully booked for his activities. This only happens once a year and I believe everybody would agree that you should make the most out of it. And Mikey would really want to make the most of his free time. For him, summer is freedom, summer is life. But I’m afraid that Mikey could not make all the exciting and fun plans for summer. In fact this has become the worst part of his year.

    It happened the day after the final exam. Everyone is excited as they are facing the first day of their summer for this year and that includes Mikey. His first activity for summer is to attend a kid’s basketball tournament. He was so excited that day, he is wearing his jersey and basketball short and he is in full gear to attend the basketball. To make it more interesting and exciting, Mikey used his bike to go to the basketball gym.

    But unfortunately, Mikey met an accident while on his way to the gym. A car hit his bike and seriously damages his left leg. Mikey stayed in the hospital for three days just to make up for his fractured bones and damaged leg. He is so frustrated because he spent his first three days of summer in the hospital bed. Mikey badly want to go back home. Good thing the hospital allowed him to go out eventhough his left leg is still fractured. There is a chance for him to walk again, but it may take time. That means, it is possible that for whole summer, Mikey would stay in bed or will use wheelchair. And that would only mean the whole summer plan is ruined.

    Mikey’s Mom and Dad are saddened by their son’s situation. They don’t want to compromise their son’s health by allowing him to go to beach or enroll in a swimming lesson or go mountaineering because the doctor warned that the fracture is still fresh and doing some outdoor activities may worsen the situation. Mikey’s dad asked him what he wants to do this summer that would not affect his situation.

    Mikey answered that he want to experience life, and by that he means going out and play and feel the real world. But this is something dangerous for him. Good thing Mikey’s Mommy is SMART enough to think of something SMART solution.

    Mom suggests acquiring a Samsung Smart TV for Mikey. But Mikey doesn’t seem to like the idea of sitting there the whole summer watching TV. But Mikey’s Mom really knows what’s best, so they bought Mikey a Samsung Smart TV.

    When Mikey first saw the TV, it was big and sophisticated and that triggered him to like the cool stuff that his parents have just bought him. It comes with great design and he can even access the internet.

    But the biggest surprise for Mikey is that, he can watch NBA on Smart Samsung TV. It is a perfect timing especially that NBA playoffs starts this summer. And not only that, Mikey was super amaze with the quality of the audio and video. Both audio and video are in 3D technology, which means if you will watch NBA through Samsung Smart TV, you are just like sitting there in front of Kobe Bryan while watching him dunk the ball.

    And not only that, through Samsung Smart TV, Mikey was able to dive the ocean, trek on the highest mountain, race with dinosaurs and fly with birds in the sky. All of that have been made possible through the 3D Video and Audio feature of Samsung Smart TV. And that real life experience helps Mikey to cheer up the whole summer and that has hastened his recovery from the fractured bone on his left leg.

    Thanks to Samsung Smart TV for saving Mikey’s summer.

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