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    Wednesday, July 13, 2011

    Kasambuhay Habambuhay, Short Film Anthologies Part 2

    Here is the Part 2 of my post about the 10 short film anthologies. If you want to read my part 1 post, you can read it here.

    6. Oh! PaRa Sa Ta U Wa Yeah!  

    This is a musical anthology that every in love teenager could relate. Directed by George Agcaoili, this is the story of Nikos, the famous teenage guy from the Nestea bottomless commercial, in his love affair with Matina.

    Nikos and his family are on their way for a family outing. Everybody has their own agenda, and when the father of the family provoked everyone to speak, they all ended up interrogating Nikos for being quiet the whole time.

    Nikos is actually struggling over his feeling with Matina. He learned some inside information from Betina, Matina’s little sister, that he is not actually the type of a guy that Matina would date and consider to be a boyfriend.

    There’s a book entitled “Ang ABAKADA ng Matamis na OO” that has been passed from generation to generation . This is a manual on how to make a girl you like to say YES. And with the support from a family, sacrificing the supposed to be family outing and bonding, the whole family helped Nikos gain self-confidence. He finally got the guts to go back to Matina’s house and express his feeling through the help of alphabets. Only to find out that Matina is not in the house and did not hear his sentiments.
    But the good thing there is that, Nikos realized that it’s not bad at all that a family will intervene on the affair of the hearts of a teenager.

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    7. Downtown

    This is a quiet Love story directed by Stephen Ngo. In a chinese community, there is an old man who live a solitary life since his wife left him. But despite the situation, he knows deep down in his heart that he still loves his wife and he misses her so much that he even makes a cup of coffee for his wife despite her absence.

    One day, he tried to restore everything as to how it used to be. He spent the money from his coin bank to buy cleaning materials and clean the whole house. He built a barbell to work out and gain some muscles. He got a haircut and shave, and he feels young again.

     He jogged downtown early in the morning and went to the place where his wife used to do her morning routine. And when they saw each other, they are reunited and realized that they are nothing without each other. It ended up with a man saying to his wife “Uwi na tayo”.

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    8. Tingala sa Baba

    This one is one of my favorites. A kiddie drama anthology directed by Henry Frias set in a playground.
    A chubby rich kid and a thin poor kid play seesaw in a school playground. Due to the imbalance of weight, the poor kid always ends up at the top and the rich kid always ends up at the bottom. They’re not moving anyway. The rich kid got bored to always stay at the bottom, so he negotiate with the poor kid to do anything just to lift him up. The poor kid neglect to do so as this would put him on danger, but the rich kid negotiate and offered food and 20 pesos, something that the poor kid could not refuse, just to stand and jump to lift him up. The poor kid agreed, but no matter how he tried to stand and jump, nothing happens.

    The rich kid did everything to be on the top. He feed the poor kid and bought him ice cream. When the poor kid’s sister arrived, he offered the ice cream to her so the two of them can help the rich kid reach the top. 

    The idea works and the rich kid finally reached the top. In the end, both the poor kid and the rich kid got what they want. The poor kid got the money and the foods, while the rich kid experienced to be on the top of the seesaw. It’s a win-win solution for both the rich and the poor. 

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    9. Cooking ko, Cooking mo

    A Balagtasan inspired anthology directed by Chris Martinez. This is a story about the two competing families. 

    The Montano couple and the Capuli couple once lived a peaceful life. When the Montano couple gave birth to their first child, they opened a carenderia on their backyard so they can raise their son. They gained a lot of customers and the business has progressed. When the Capuli gave birth to their daughter, they also decided to open their own carenderia as the Montanos “Cooking Mo” carenderia could not accommodate the customers anymore.

    The Capuli has become the threat to the Montano when some of their loyal customers transferred to their neighbour slash competitor. And so, the war between the two families has started.

    When Romina, the daughter of Montato, and Julius, the son of Capuli, grew up, they in love with each other. And to avoid the conflict between their parents, they decided to run away and elope. Romina becomes pregnant, so whether their parents like it or not, they ended up in marriage. The marriage between their son and daughter reunited them and made them friends again. So they decided to merge their business and named it “Cooking Ko, Cooking Mo”. 

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    10. Sign Seeker

    This sweet and charming short film directed by Carlo Directo is all about Love. Starring John Lloyd Cruz and Solenn Heusaf, this is the story of Bien seeking sign if heaven will allow him to date Kacey. He was teased by his officemate to invite Kacey for a date, but he is just afraid enough to tell Kacey about this. 

    He asked for a sign from the alarm clock, strawberry for breakfast, green traffic light, dog, horse in the parking lot, elephant in the parking lot and a clown in the elevator. All signs are in favour for him to date Kacey but he doesn’t have the courage to invite her for a date.

    The story ended when Bien saw the most obvious sign of all, the text on Kacey’s hat which says “Date Tayo”.

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