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    Monday, July 11, 2011

    Kasambuhay Habambuhay, Short Film Anthologies Part 1

    Nestle Philippines, Inc Presents 10 short films about life, magic and bottomless fun. This is in celebration to the 100 years of Good Food and Good Life. This is also a celebration of how Filipino films have evolved. The 10 movies featured will depict the talent of Filipino not only in acting but also in crafting a story and enhancing the production value of the films.

    Here are the first 5 short films featured in Kasambuhay Habambuhay:

    1. The Howl and the Fussyket

    This film is directed by Chris Martinez. This is a short film about perseverance and determination to do what you really want to do and become successful in it. The story revolves around the life of Aaron Lumibao, a low profile pupil who volunteered to represent their section in a declamation contest. The teacher has no other choice, so she was forced to assign Aaron for a declamation contest.

    Aaron’s mother is trying to convince him to just join any other contest, just not a declamation contest. Aaron could not pronounce the words well, he has speech impediment. He often mispronounced p as f and he could not just declaim well. The contest piece is entitled “The Owl and the Pussycat” but he pronounced it as “The Howl and the Fussyket”.  But Aaron is firm on his decision to join the contest.

    Good thing that Aaron has a supportive family. His mother, father and sister help him in this challenge. They hired a speech coach, an acting coach and a fashion designer to prepare Aaron for the contest. Due to his determination and willingness to win the contest plus the support of the family, Aaron finally performed his declamation in the contest with correct diction and expression. But he ended up on second place after being defeated by the defending champion. Aaron really felt bad about the defeat, he is really frustrated that after all the effort, he still ended up on second place. But his mother consoles him and made him understand that it’s part of the game. After all, they are still proud of him. Aaron joined another contest after one year, still a declamation contest, but this time for “lingo ng Wika”,and this time, Aaron finally did it.

    This is indeed a very inspiring short story starring Eugene Domingo, Kiray Celis, Dennis Padilla and more. Featured Nestle product is Bear Brand Powdered milk.

    Watch the film here:

    2. Unplugged

    Unplugged is a short movie about disconnecting to the digital world and reconnecting to the natural world. The short film is directed by Raul Jordan. In this anthology, Michael, played by Marvin Agustin, brought the whole kiddie football team to his Lolo Nestor’s place, played by Eddie Garcia, for camp training.

    Lolo Nestor does not like the idea of kids still being hooked up on their PSPs, cellphones and other gadgets. So he imposed a rule to the whole team. If they want to stay in the place, they must surrender all their hi tech gadgets first. Rule number 1 is to disconnect to technology. They could not bond and enjoy their stay if they will keep on connecting on their gadgets.

    Rule Number 2 is to reconnect with nature. They will have to experience the basic of life, a life that is gadgetless, technologyless and connectionless. The kids enjoyed the basic life. They played with insects, go fishing and live a natural life.

    Rule Number 3 is to Love Freely. After you disconnect, you reconnect and then love like a child. It is as if living life in a brand new perspective.

    Michael on the other hand found a new love of his life in the personality of Isabel, played by Kaye Abad. He was able to understand the three rules imposed by Lolo Nestor.

    The kids really enjoyed seeing the basic equipment such as a film operated camera, a typewriter and the first issues of X-men and Superman comics.

    At the end of the film, there’s a big revelation about Lolo Nestor. He too actually is a technology user. He even caught posting on Twitter. But of course, he can always disconnect and reconnect to the real world. It is not bad to connect with technology, but too much of everything is not good anymore. Once in a while, we need to disconnect and reconnect to what is real. Featured Nestle product in this anthology is Milo.

    3. Silup

    SILUP is a reverse of the word PULIS. Obviously, this is all about the story of a policeman played by Sid Lucero. In this film directed by Jun Reyes, it shows the two faces of the policeman.

    His first face is a tough, brave and astig policeman. He is the peacekeeper and he must show a face of courage so he can take his responsibility.

    His second face is a loving and soft-hearted grandson willing to sacrifice for his grandmother.
    The story shows that behind every brave policeman is a family man which has also his own personal issues and concerns.

    Featured Nestle product is Bear Brand Evap milk.

    4. Isang Tasang Pangarap

    Sid Madirazo takes us into the world of miracles in this short film. This is a story about a simple man named Elias played by Ramon Bautista who does not have any dream in life but to drink a cup of coffee per day.
    He always sees to it to provide 5 pesos per day so he can buy a pack of 3 in 1 coffee. The time has come that he lost his bicycle to a loan provider and the only prized possession left is his 5 pesos coin and a red cup. He doesn’t care at all, as long as he can drink a cup of coffee. But an unexpected thing happened. He was able to realize that he can read the future by just looking at the bottom of an empty cup of coffee. This miracle has spread like fire on youtube and news channel. The people crowded around the house of Elias to seek for miracles. Elias has never been happy with all these attentions, money and power given to him. He realized that until his red cup has broken. So he gathered the people in the gymnasium and revealed that there is actually no miracle. He borrowed the speech of Elsa from the movie HIMALA. But after the ritual drinking of coffee, everybody has found the miracle that they are looking. Thanks to the cup of 3 in 1 Nescafe for making people realize that they are their own miracle.

    5. Sali salita

    This I should say is a genius work of A/F  Benaza. This is a story of a boy who seeks attention from his mother. His mother is a scriptwriter and been busy all the time. So he played and does things to get his mother’s attention but to no avail. Until he accidentally taps on his mother’s laptop and broke it.

    The young boy was saddened by his mother’s coldness toward him because of this incident. His grandfather paid a visit to their house and this has somehow lightens the boy’s burden. But because he is still affected by his stupid mistake, he doesn’t have the urge to play anymore. So his grandfather suggested a game that would not make his mother mad at him.

    The game is all about crafting a story out of imagination. The drill is, they will write all the words they want in a piece of paper. Any word would do. May it be a name, an event, a place or whatever. Then they will put all these papers in a can, and they will pick one by one. They will create a story out of the words they picked up. The boy has somehow enjoyed the game and the story they weaved out of the random words they picked out from the can.

    The mother secretly listened to the story weaved by the grandfather and the grandson. But the grandfather has to leave, and the boy is left with a story without the ending. So to ease the sadness, the mother, who somehow enjoyed the weaving of story game, finished the story for his kid. The story has ended and well weaved, so as the relationship of the mother and son has been weaved again restored.

    Featured Nestle Product is NIDO.

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