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    Saturday, July 2, 2011

    Presenting the X-Men First Class and the Nemesis

    They are invincible. They are powerful. They are gifted. They are mutants. They are the X Men.

    I am a super fan of X-Men. My childhood would have not been that fun without the X-Men. I remember we used to imitate characters of X-Men during my third Grade. I imitated Cyclopse because he is so cool. He is always wearing that special shade, and don’t you ever dare touch his shade or else a laser fire will blow up your face.

    Marvel, the creator of X-Men just recently released X-Men First class movie. Since I am a fun fan, I haven’t missed the chance to watch the movie because I know they will feature the first batch of X-Men in the Movie. I found out that X-Men is not the original name given to people with special power. They were used to be called “Mutants”. They are also human, but some part of their genes have evolved, that’s why they possess special powers and extraordinary abilities and this have made them different from other people.

    Mutants used to hide themselves from the public. Despite the peculiarity in their personalities, they still tried their best to live normally.

    Here are the Mutants in the X-Men First Class.

    Real Name: Charles Xavier

    Mutant Name: Professor X

    Mutation: Mental telepathy and Reading of Mind

    Real Name: Erik Lehnsherr

    Mutant Name: Magneto

    Mutation: Generate and Control Magnetism

    Real Name: Raven

    Mutant Name: Mystique

    Mutation: Shape Shifting

    Real Name: Henry Hank McCoy

    Mutant Name: Big Foot/Beast

    Mutation: Super Smart/big foot

    Real Name: Armando Munoz

    Mutant Name: Darwin

    Mutation: reactive evolution

    Real Name:Sean Cassidy

    Mutant Name: Banshee

    Mutation: Supersonic soundwave

    Real Name: Angel Salvadore

    Mutant Name: Angel

    Mutation: Flying and spitting acidic saliva

    Real Name: Alex Summers

    Mutant Name: Havok

    Mutation: Absorb Energy And Discharge as blast

    And yes, Cyclopes is not included in the first class. I saw Professor X and Erik tried to recruit Wolverine in the first class but he replied “Go fuck yourself”. So it’s just like a cameo appearance in the movie.

    I don’t know if he is considered on the first class.

    And of course, X-Men won’t be complete without the nemesis, the Hellfire club. Here are the opponents of the X-Men First class:

    Name: Sebastian Shaw

    Mutation: Absorb Kinetic Energy

    Name: White Queen

    Mutation: Telepath and transform her body into diamond

    Name:  Azazel

    Mutation: Teleportation

    Name:  Riptide

    Mutation: Whirlwind

    In the movie, I found the reason why Magneto revolt against Professor X and why Professor X could not walk and how they’ve come up with the name X-Men and why Beast looks like what he is right now. I still want to know how did they convince wolverine to join the X-Men and when did Cyclopse came in? Calling Marvel, we are waiting for X-Men Second Class.


    1. I'm a fan of XMen. Can't wait for the next movie release.

    2. I want to watch the movie again after reading your post. :) Thank you for sharing this! btw, joined in your GFC
      - sionee

    3. nice! i grew up reading Marvel comics! 0_o

      - Dennis Galvez

    4. I actually LOLed in the theater when Professor X got shot. I guess I did not expect him losing his legs in something as trivial as a perfectly placed bullet wound.
      But that is just me,.... :p

      Much love, Christia

      Consolidated list to help SENDONG victims from Christia's World

    5. not a fan of xmen but i've watched this movie. =)

    6. Havent seen the movie yet. I just know them because I play this in computer since I was young.

    7. ui,kakapanood ko lang nito sa bus.!!! sooo that's why napilay si Prof X

    8. I'm a huge fan of X-Men, I think i like the old ones better. great review btw.

    9. parang ang layu ng mga actor at actreses sa personality ng character sana nagaya din nila yung itsura

    10. I'm an avid fan of Marvel characters from Superman,Batman to X-Men. I enjoy the fantastic and beyond imagination hi-tech production of their movies.

    11. yeah i'm a big fan, i have the collection of Xmen cartoons and movies

      My recent post Bangungot ng bagyong Sendong

    12. Great movie! Wolverine is still my fave X-men character though.

    13. One of my favorite anime ever! I love Gambit..

    14. I am an x men fan too .i so love wolrverine,lakas ng appeal

    15. Not really a fan of these character but I learned to appreciate them after watching the movie. :)

    16. you really done a great job in compiling the cartoons with the characters in the latest x-men... Yahweh bless.

    17. Thank you guys for appreciating this post

    18. Interesting compilation of anime characters!

      Hopping from http://www.ka-nau.com
      Enjoy the weekend and have a meaningful holidays!


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