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    Monday, August 15, 2011

    Ang Babae sa Septic Tank (The Woman in the Septic Tank)- Yucky Looking but Yummy Tasting Movie

    Ang Babae sa Septic Tank (The Woman in the Septic Tank)- Yucky Looking but Yummy Tasting Movie
    The recently concluded Cinemalaya Film Festival has been successful and the indie film entry that stands out is no other than the movie topbilled by Eugene Domingo. As an independent film lover and a curious moviegoer, I’ve watched the movie as it is the only entry available for viewing nationwide as of this moment.

    The opening scene is very “Kubrador”. No dialog, no sound effects, raw and realistic- these are the characteristics of an indie film that I like. It doesn’t need a full house casting to make a great scene. You only need one famous and good actress like Gina Pareno of Kubrador and a real environment and you are good to go.

    The big twist is actually when finally revealed that what you are actually watching is just a part of a movie. I mean this movie is about making movie. The switching of scene from reality to vision is very genius and realistic. In the movie, you will be taken to the vision of a “scriptless” (except for crying and laughing) Production Assistant to a particular sequence of the movie that they are making. I would just like to focus on 5 different versions of the sequences of the movie.

    1. The draft version

    This version for me is somewhat looks like “Kubrador” or “Serbis” wherein everything is in its raw state. No production design, no commercialism and no touch of technology. This may compromise the quality of the production but that is where the beauty of the indie movie lies. This kind of arrangement is what I really like because this would leave you thinking. You are part of the scene and it is simply unpredictable. The draft version for me represents the true essence of indie film.

    2. The docu-drama version

    This is actually the original version of the project, but the director changed it as this is the most difficult one to create. This version may resemble the independent film “Jay”. What is good with docu drama is the real feel. Everything is real, from casting to the location. No script required, just plain and real information from the real casts. In the movie, they have actually delivered a very realistic version except in the last part where the security guard shoot the interviewer.

    3. The musical version

    This version simply support that Indie film is versatile in nature. Who would have thought you can create a theatrical show from a true story? And nice production show on this version. I can’t help but laugh and smile over the dancing mothers and the singing slum people. Although the musical version is a little bit commercialized, the songs and the production value are still intact. 

    4. The “Fit-in-role” version

    I found this version entertaining. This is the version wherein they are trying to fit in somebody for the role. From the original Eugene Domingo, they went trying Cherry Pie PIcache and Mercedes Cabral to fit in the role. Then they also changed some elements of the movie. This is some kind of a revision. They have well presented the output of an informal brainstorming and I really found it very interesting.

    5. The Eugene Domingo version

    This version is not an Independent version at all. This resembles to the “MMK” way attack of drama. There’s a touch of commercialism which is apparent through the use of make up, costume, and known consumer brands such as Safeguard and Payless. I really really don’t like this version because this is not “Indie” at all. If the production design is improved a little bit for this version, this can be a Star Cinema entry.  This version is presented by Eugene Domingo herself, an actress in the limelight. So this idea is somehow obvious for her type.

    But of course the highlight of the movie is when Eugene Domingo has a little rendezvous with sh*ts in the septic tank.

    Ever wonder why she ended up in the septic tank? Well, I leave you thinking for that.

    Here are some screen shots of Eugene Domingo- Ang Babae sa Septic Tank, visit link below:



    1. I guess this is a very intriguing movie... Is there any way we can watch this one?

    2. I will try to upload the movie on this page soon.

    3. oh ,oh ,wrong timing ang pagsilip ko .I am having lunch right now.daming picture. ayaw ko na nga magcomment .

    4. oh no...hahhaa...sorry po...it's my bad..dapat naglagay ako warning

    5. Ha,ha,ha,balikan ko na nga ulit ynug review mo lang .ayaw ko ng picture. nakapagbasa na ako ng ibang review nito.At all in all base sa mga movie reviews ay worth watching ang movie. hindi lang comedy but there is a story behind the girl in the septic tank.

    6. I like Eugene :) basta commedy, I like her. I haven't heard about the movie but looks worth watching. :)

    7. Did heard that Pinoy Indie films are getting into the spotlight. We have a lot of great directors and story writers that can make better movies than those shown on commercial theaters.

      I hope I could watch this one soon.

    8. actually napanood ko na to, kaya lang disappointed ako kase naguluhan ako sa flow pero sa totoo lang nakakatawa sya. entertaining si eugene domingo, pero di ko masyadong na-digest yung movie. so i guess im not a good movie goer lols

    9. I didn't know this movie had different versions pala! :) Great post!

    10. The movie has only one version, but the movie they are making in the movie has a lot of versions..hehehee


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