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    Sunday, August 7, 2011

    The Greatest Harry Potter Moments

    Everbody would I think agree if I’ll say that Harry Potter is the most successful movie series ever. It is very evident with the amount of money earned by film maker every after release of Harry Potter series. People all around the globe are waiting for every part of the movie in theaters.

    What makes Harry Potter an epic movie series is the fact that every scene in the movie is worth watching for. From the light conversation to harsh confrontation and fighting scenes, you will get hook to the movie and makes you not want to leave your seat.

    For the love of Harry Potter movie, I have compiled the greatest moment of Harry Potter from each part of the movie. This is based on my own judgment and perception as a viewer.

    1. Greatest moment in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone

    This is the scene where Harry Potter in his first year in Hogwart played Quidditch for the first time. His position is a Seeker and he is after the golden snitch. I love this scene because this has misled me about Professor Snape. This is the scene that made me suspect that there’s something evil in Professor Snape when he murmured a spell to distract Harry. It’s actually a counter spell against Professor Quirell/Voldemort wanting Harry to fall; this has been revealed on the last part of Harry Potter series. Ron also is cute when he says “C’mon Hermione”, and Hermione is so smart casting that spell to make a fire. Hagrid also made an exceptional reaction when Harry accidentally swallowed the snitch. And of course, the greatest moment is when Harry caught the Golden Snitch that made Griffindor won the game.

    2. Greatest moment in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

    For me, the greatest moment is a duel class scene. I know there are a lot of great scenes in this part but this is what I think is the greatest. This is a duel class to teach the young wizards to protect themselves against dark magic. It’s nice because Professor Snape showed his lighter side when he duelled with Gildiroy Lockhart. I laughed at Professor Snape rather than feared him in this scene. I also like how Harry defeated Draco Malfoy. This is also a scene where Harry discovered that he can actually communicate with a snake which puzzled everybody including Snape and Lockhart.

    3. Greatest moment in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

    The scene started with the heated argument between Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy after Harry defended Ron. I was a little bit spoiled with the fight scene between the coward Draco and Harry, but I really like to see Harry crashing Malfoy into bit of pieces. In this scene, Harry once again proven that he is somebody special because he was able to manage to fly Hagrid’s “big bird”. Too bad Malfoy ended up with a broken bone as he attempted to do what Harry Potter did.

    4. Greatest moment in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

    What made this scene great for me is the fact that Harry needs to prove something. Everybody is against him joining the Olympic because first and foremost, he is underage. Second, he is too weak to compete with the best of the bests. This is the first challenge that Harry will prove to the people that he is worthy to join the Olympic. Harry Potter was able to use his Seeker ability to get the golden egg from the Dragon. Because of this winning moment, Harry was able to gain the trust of the people around him including his best friend Ron.

    5. Greatest moment in Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix

    Professor Dolores Umbridge has forcefully enforced the OWLS examination. Professor Dolores Umbridge has imposed a lot of rules, regulations and orders in Hogwart. Students aren’t happy anymore including the Weasley twin. So they plot a sabotage against Professor Dolores in a harmless manner of course. They used fireworks and a little bit of magic tricks to ruin the examination day. Everybody was happy with the twin’s action, not because they are evil, but because they have proven that Hogwart could be a school where fun and learning can be combined. Just by seeing everybody’s reaction especially Professor Sprout on this scene made this the greatest moment in this part of the movie.

    6. Greatest moment in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

    The greatest moment in the Half Blood Prince is when Dumbledore saved Harry Potter from these creepy creatures in the water. This is the first time I saw Dumbledore casting a magnificent spell to release a big fire to kill all the opponents that attacking Harry under water. Without professor Dumbledore, Harry may not be able to survive. They were able to transport back to Hogwart safely.

    7. Greatest moment in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

    This moment is Ron’s moment. We always saw Ron always feeling awkward when facing danger from previous part of the movie. But this time, Ron was able to showcase his bravest act. He was able to face his fears, his anger, his jealousy and all the negative feelings. And he was able to show great act when he broke that necklace. Prior to this scene, Ron actually runs away from Harry and Hermione because of some personal issues and jealousy at some point. But because the three of them are destined to do the journey, he can’t help but to go back with Hermione and Harry and join them on the journey toward defeating Lord Voldemort. Hermione, as smart as she is will not consider this as an excuse for Ron’s immature act. Nevertheless, I still consider this scene great because the three of them were reunited and strong again.

    8. Greatest moment in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

    For the last instalment of Harry Potter, I chose this scene as the greatest moment because this is the moment when Harry Potter rose again from dead. He is the boy who lived again to save Hogwart from Lord Voldemort who is currently tempting them to join his camp since Harry Potter died already. Longbottom also showcase exemplary act when despite being insulted by Lord Voldemort, he was still able to show his courage in speaking and convincing the people of Hogwart to fight. He was able to spark everybody’s courage. And we all know what happened after Harry Potter lived again, he was able to defeat Lord Voldemort and destroyed the elder’s wand.

    Harry Potter series is a movie worth watching for because Harry’s courage is very exemplary. He can inspire us all to face and fight our own fears and write our own life story. We too can set our own greatest moment in life and we can be as great as we think we could be.


    1. yes I agree this is more popular of all time, the audience is both young and old

    2. Stellar collection! I do like the special effects of these movies. Long story but worth watching.

    3. thank you...I personally chose the scenes

    4. i love harry potter movies ! you have a great compilation here ... good job Shirgie ! :)

    5. Thanks Myrnz...I just love doing it.

    6. Never watched HP2-7B yet, so I somewhat can't relate with the entire franchise.

    7. Super videos, Nice compilation dude but I dont like Harry Potter that much..


    8. I watch all the series of this Harry potter but it seems like the more they added new edition it's getting boring na din. iba talaga ang first part



    9. I agree..mas cool yong Philosopher's stone..but all in all, I love Harry Potter.

    10. this is very beautiful :) I am a harry potter fan, i have his movie dvd collection likewise with the complete set of HP book 1-7

    11. I can't really choose just one great moment in the HP movies. But I enjoy the ones that tug at the heart. They are usually small moments in the movies that other people don't really consider cool. I think I think of the movie too much from the POV of a writer than a moviegoer.

    12. who never knews about Harry Potter, they conquer the world

    13. Thanks for all your comments!!!


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