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    Friday, December 2, 2011

    A Chance With Bo Sanchez

    Bo Sanchez is one of the people I want to meet in person. When I was in college, I was an avid reader of his articles in the Kerygma magazine. This is the kind of reading material I always abused in our school library. Bo Sanchez is not an actor material, not a National-leader-to-be type of person and most of all not a God, but one thing is for sure, he will let you know God better. His humor and realistic type of writing are his best assets.

    I did not expect that I would meet the person behind the books I'm reading in person. I have visited a local mall here in Davao when I accidentally bumped into the big poster which says "Inspirational talk with Bo Sanchez today". I was just like, what? Bo Sanchez here in Davao? so I've patiently waited for more than an hour so I could attend the event. The waiting worth it as Bo Sanchez appeared on the stage. I can't believe I'm actually listening to him preaching LIVE.

    The style of his preaching is the same as in his style of writing. Humor- Check. Based on his experience- Check. Spiritual implication- Check. Spiritually Fulfilling- Check. Listening to him preaching is just like reading one of his books. We listened to him, prayed with him, took picture with him and have our books signed by him.

    Here is mine:

    I am so happy I've met the person who is my mentor since college without him knowing it. I've got the chance to thanked him for inspiring us readers to live a life with happiness. I told him, "Sir Bo, thank you for being an inspiration". Then with all humility, he smiled at me and said "Be Blessed".


    1. when I saw your pic with Bo Sanchez .I sighed and said to myself "lucky you". i want to meet him too.Him and his books are an inspiration to may people.

    2. I am not lucky, Im blessed...hehehe....it's a very rare opportunity...I'm glad I am not the only blogger who is Bo Sanchez's reader...

    3. Wow, BO SANCHEZ!! that's awesome man! Very great guy.

    4. great indeed..I was so inspired with his talk


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