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    Wednesday, January 11, 2012

    The Conyo Problems Quotes and Meaning

    So I was reading these tweets from Conyo Problems with Twitter name @Conyo_Problems and I can't help but laugh like crazy. And because I found it entertaining, I picked up some of my favorite quotes from Conyo Problems.

    But, what does Conyo means ba talaga? Like, Where it came from? Believe me, I was so surprised when I found out that the meaning in Spanish is so bastos. I am like a wholesome guy, so I don't wanna post it here on my blog the Spanish meaning. But anyway, according to Urban Dictionary, the Filipino meaning of Conyo is this:

    A semi-derogatory term for people who seem to be high-class and vain or conscious about their social status and speak in Taglish or broken-Tagalog mixed with English.


    Wow, you're so conyo, you don't even know what dilis is! That's fried fish!
    So don't be surprised if this blogpost is a combination of English Tagalog words kasi nga I want to be in a charcter di ba? Like, I want to become realistic, so don't ask more question kasi ako ay irita na. Ano ba...LOL

    In short, Conyo people are those rich people who speak in pasosyal way. I think perfect example of this is Kris Aquino. Para sa akin lang yon ha, I don't know about your idea.

    But anyway, let's start the fun na nga. Here are some of favorite tweets from @Conyo_Problems:

    *yaya! its the end of the world,can you call dad and make tell to buy me a new Planet? #conyoproblems

    * Yaya, it's the end of the world, can you die for me? #conyoproblems

    *Yaya!! It's so dark in my kwarto and I can't see anything.. Tell dad to buy me new eyes nga.. #conyoproblems

    *Yaya, I want to make tambay outside the house right now but its night na. Scary. Tell dad to buy the sun. #conyoproblems

    *Is it raining? Ohh yaya, can you get the red carpet for me, i don't want my shoes to get wet ehh. #conyoproblems

    *OMG! Yaya, please don't make tapak the ipis, baka it will make wasak the insides on the GRANITE tiles! #conyoproblems

    *It's so cold, yaya make sunog the other yaya pls. #conyoproblems

    *OMG! Is that a pimple on my face? Mommy, buy me a new face na! #conyoproblems

    *IPIS!!!!!!! Yaya, Bring me the iPad and let's slap this and make this ipis die. Oh, here's my DSLR. I'll just use this... #ConyoProblems

    *Are you messing with me? I'll tell Asiong to bang bang you na! We're like, so tight kaya. #conyoproblems

    *Dad, Nasira ipod ko. Pakitawagan nga si adele at pakantahin mo dito sa bahay natin. #conyoproblems

    *Yaya, Can you make hiwalay 3 in 1 coffee? I don't like sugar kasi eh. #conyoproblems

    *"daddy, I'm so confuse if which one to buy talaga.. can we like buy the mall na lng. please?" #conyoproblems

    *Oh my! That guy snatched my iPhone! Quick! Chase him yaya!!! ......and GIVE HIM MY CHARGER! #conyoproblems

    *OMG! I'm so taba na.yaya, please sip my fats. #ConyoProblems

    *"sa jeep"... Conyo: Manong do you accept all major credit cards?  #ConyoProblems

    *Yaya, can you like make buhat buhat me? Ang dirty ng ground ehh. #ConyoProblems

     *"I want your boyfriend. How much is he?" #ConyoProblems

    * Yaya, can you make gamit na lang GPS to find my prince charming. You know, he might be stucked somewhere. #conyoproblems

    * Yaya, I'm pagod na in pangunguya this bubble gum, Can u chew it for me? #ConyoProblems

    Sooo dami talaga mga Conyo Tweets na nakaaliw and I am tired na. So yaya, can we finish this blogpost and share to madlang people?
    And of course, I tweeted my own original #conyoproblems quote din. Here are my original quotes:

    *Ewww....yaya, please don't make dikit to my skin....because only Belo touches my skin. #ConyoProblems

    *Daddy #ConyoProblems is not trending on Twitter anymore..Can you make bili the Twitter na so we can trend forever?

    *I so hate my body. Yaya, can you get Jennifer's body for me? #ConyoProblems

    *girl1: oi,ang ganda naman ng suot mo, saang mall mo yan binili?

      girl2: ah, sa bahay ko to binili

      girl1: sa bahay nyo?

      girl2: oo, sa SM..bahay namin ang SM eh, bakit ba?

     *yaya, makati ang likod ko..can you make kamot nga, gamitin mo yong gold scratcher ha #ConyoProblems

    *One thing I hate about christmas is that, all malls are on christmas sale.Hindi tuloy ako makashop kasi the items are so cheap. So kadiri #ConyoProblems

    *While on the road stuck on the traffic.

    PULUBI: maam palimos po

    CONYO: Yaya, please give this pulubi my iPhone4s #ConyoProblems

    *like yaya's not here, so i'm gonna make init the food from the fridge to the microwave #ConyoProblems

    *im really worried na talaga,I felt like we're getting poor. kasi yesterday I got 20 kidnap threat, now, I only got 10.OhmyGod #ConyoProblems

     *Oh no, my new MacAir has gasgas on the side. Daddy, urgent, you need to buy new MacAir for me.Now na #ConyoProblems

    *Yaya,i don't like the tissue you bought me.akin na yong crispy 1000 peso bill,yan na lang gawin kong tissue coz it's so smooth #ConyoProblems

    And for all of these, I only have one conclusion: SIKAT na si YAYA...Ikaw na!!! 


    1. Replies
      1. Haha. Looks like someone's a Conyo. XD

    2. its degrading to the yaya's...

    3. it's corny, but I know you enjoyed it

    4. haha, like this one;

      *Oh my! That guy snatched my iPhone! Quick! Chase him yaya!!! ......and GIVE HIM MY CHARGER! #conyoproblems


    5. whenever I see people like you which sharing information for other peoples, I feel so glad, thanks for your information and continue your work.

    6. hahaha! the 10 Conyo-mandments would fit perfectly here! I don't have my emailed copy but I got a link from one blog. Check this out: http://derdo.wordpress.com/2011/12/15/from-a-fb-friend-10-conyo-mandments/

    7. There are 2 kinds, Sosyal at mga Pa-Sosyal.

    8. haha corny mo gago

    9. haha you're crazy, man;=)

    10. si yaya ang nagtrend. hindi ang conyo problems LOL.

      i do conyo talk sometimes, just for fun. :D

      you might also enjoy reading this

    11. kaartehan lang naman yang "conyo"
      hindi nakakatulong sa lipunan,,,
      AARTE! nakakaBWISIT!

    12. I think these quotes are funny but these are very degrading to nannies. I mean, we can be conyo naman without using our yayas diba? Not all conyos rely on their yayas all the time. That's for babies kaya. We have our own capacities kaya we can do most of the things naman. Tsk, anyhow, this was good, though the yaya thing was not that nakakatuwa.


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