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    Wednesday, April 18, 2012

    Satisfy your Food Cravings at Davao’s Tita D’z Buffet Restaurant

    Today is a hump day and I just woke up with only one thing on my mind…. FOOD!!!!.... I decided to pig out today, and if it is about limitless food trip and bottomless drink under limited budget, the best option is Buffet Restaurant.

    There are a lot of good buffet restaurants here in Davao City, and since I craved for seafoods, I chose Tita D’s Buffet Restaurant. It is located at Rizal St., Davao City. For only P129.oo, you can eat all you can.

    And look what they have on the menu today. Lots of seafoods on the tray:

    But I started my plate with the main dishes. I have pork, chicken and chopsuey  for veggies:

    after a few minutes, I have a clean plate again:

    And now, it’s time for the second plate, it’s time for Seafoods Moment 101. I have crabs, squid and an oyster with some veggies.

    I finished the plate in a minute. I devoured it like crazy and it end up like this:

    Two plates down and I’m almost full. I was just so surprised for the capacity of my stomach to accept food today. For my third plate, I put only fried rice and three pieces of lumpia.

    I don’t want to commit gluttony, so I decided to end the pig out on the fourth plate. I have fruits and kakanin:

    And that’s it. I’m satisfied with my meal.

    If you have special occasions like wedding, graduation, birthday or any event in your life worth celebrating with food, Tita D’z is the perfect choice for you. In fact, there was a wedding reception held on the other table when I was there.

    So here’s my rating:

    Food= 8/10
    Place= 8/10
    Accommodation= 7/10
    Customer Service = 9/10

    Average rating is 8/10 which is not bad at all. 

    Happy Eating.


    1. God...You do it a lot.. I envy you since you can eat the food that you want at any time...I got to work hard...

      I hope you follow me back!

    2. Its... noblessekey.blogspot.com See you in a while!

    3. ate there one time . i like their food :)
      i think they have another branch ? at humberto's ? tama ba ? lol

      i miss buffet haha

    4. wow 129 eat all u can! quite a steal...haven't gone to a buffet recently...

    5. I used to love eating in buffet restaurants but since I'm on a diet, I try to minimize eating that much rice. But that's a really tempting offer for its price.

    6. wow.you ate all of it? sana ganyan din appetite ko sa food. sulit yung bayad mo.

    7. P129 for a buffet?? and they have crabs! wow! that's really affordable! :)

    8. I miss the good old Pinoy desserts!

    9. with the amount you ate, it's dirt cheap! LOL.

    10. Wow this is so cheap! I should try this resto the next time I find myself in Davao! I was able to try Pearl Farm and Eden's eat all you can offering and they were a bit on the expensive side.

    11. I'd like my buffet with no rice so I could really make sure that I get my money's worth. ^_^

    12. I'd really love to go there. I'd love to try it. Sana I can go there soon.

    13. super sarap tlga sa tita d'z' me and my hubby are always there when we are soooo hungry hihi

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