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    Tuesday, May 1, 2012

    The Avengers in Biblical Perspective

    The Avengers is a team compose of Earth’s mightiest superheroes. In The 2012 Avengers movie, six remarkable superheroes team up to protect the earth from Loki and his Army. The super hero team up features iconic Marvel Super Heroes Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye and Black Widow. 

    While watching the movie, it dawned on me that The Avengers did exist a long long time ago. When I say The Avengers, I am not referring to the Marvel characters but the biblical characters who I consider the real superheroes. Like the marvel characters, these biblical characters have been an instrument of change to make this world a better place to live in. As much as I don’t want to compare, I can’t help to notice the similarities of these marvel super heroes to the famous bible personalities. I’ll dissect one by one.

    1. Thor and Moses

    -Thor’s mythical hammer is to Moses’ rod.
    -Thor’s hammer destroyed Asgard’s Bridge while Moses’ rod divided the Red Sea
    -They are both raised in a Kingdom
    -Thor rebelled against the Asgard and Moses rebelled against the Egyptian
    -They both possess strong physical attributes

    1. Captain America and  David

    -Captain America’s shield is to David’s slingshot
    -They both experienced humiliation and doubt because they are skinny and small
    -They both started as underdogs
    -If Captain America has banners, David has statue
    -Born leaders

    1. Iron Man and Joseph

    -If Iron Man can make armor suit, Joseph can read your dream
    -Iron man is the best dressed super hero in marvel, Joseph is the most good looking character in the Old Testament
    -Iron man is a wealthy patriot while Joseph is a family-loving man
    -They both came from a humble country
    -They are both willing to sacrifice for humanity’s sake

    1. Hulk and Samson

    -Needless to say that their bulk and big muscle is their primary weapon
    -They are strong
    -But sometimes gullible
    -They easily get irritated
    -But they both have a heart of a super hero

    1. Black Widow and Esther

    -Beauty versus Beauty
    -Black widow is to fighting skill while Esther is to decision making skill
    -And yes, they’re women
    -Black widow has been trained as  a martial artist while Esther has been honed to be King’s wife
    -They’re both women, but they are femme fatale

    1. Hawk Eye and Joshua

    -Hawk eye is the master archer, Joshua is the optimistic spy
    -When it comes to battle, they always on the front act
    -Courage is their virtue

    And Loki and the rest of the enemies represent hurdles, adversities and strongholds. Like the prophets of the Bible and the superheroes of the marvel, we too can make our own story of battle and success. Let’s make the Avengers and the Biblical characters an inspiration to fight our own battle.


    1. Seems different places concentrate on different stuff in bible. Raised in a "bible-belt" in north of Sweden (read psalmbook for chapterbook 6 years, psalms as homework etc) but never once heared about for example strong physical attributes in Moses. He was more described as an going older man. Very interesting blog!

    2. The first two got me thinking, but all the other seem quite far off.

    3. I don't see much of the similarities, except maybe for Hulk and Samson, but this is an interesting take on the topic.

    4. I love your analogy! But Hulk and Samson share the most similarities. Dang I'm gonna goggle Esther!

    5. Nice analogy you got in here, the Hulk is just a big match :)

    6. I don't get the analogy! Fictional characters vs bible characters not so good comparison.

    7. great research and observation

    8. That's something in there. It's good to find godly characteristics even in fiction.

    9. I like your analogy on the Avengers and its counterpart. ^_^

    10. Seems like you're stretching a lot here, equating things that have nothing to do with one another or finding the most basic commonalities. The best thing you could come up with for Black Widow is "they're both women" (twice), and they're beautiful? Thor and Moses were both born in a kingdom? Come on.

    11. Who ever came up with this, I must say is pretty cool. I like the way you see the Biblical Hero's and compared them to thee Avengers more modern Super Hero's. I'm actually looking for something to make up a flyer for the youth group of my church. I love comic book Hero's, I take my kids to see the movies when they come out. You have inspired me to use thee Avenger's to reach the youth in my area.

    12. thanks Angel. I appreciate your comment

    13. I AGREE. You are absolutely right. I saw this comparison myself and I am The Hulk!, lol. I recently went through a spiritual crisis and if I were to write about it, it could dissolve organized religion altogether (for a particular reader, that is), and it would get rid of the Fear associated with religion, but many Christians would suffer loss (the second death, of Jesus) as they wouldn't have anyone to suffer FOR them anymore and they would go through the bereavement process (we are entering New Age - of Aquarius, lol, that song makes me laugh)....I don't know if I should write about my experience or just let it go. The Book of Revelation...believe it or not...has been deciphered (I went through all that stuff during my spiritual crisis). I have alot of the answers and I just don't know if it's the right thing to unleash that disappointment onto people. It's basically this, Jesus was a man who spoke up for the oppression of people under Jewish authority. This second-coming would be me, a woman, who wishes to speak up for the oppression of people under Catholic authority. These doctrines are doing more harm than good and people suffer indoctrinational abuse, leading to a lifetime of psychological wounds that are hard to heal. If you care at all about what I'm saying, lol, what would you do if you were me?

      1. I would first pray and ask for God's guidance. Some people don't want to hear the truth, for they think it is safer for them to believe what they want to hear. You can't change the world, but you can still be free in Christ, and ultimately that is what he wants for you.

      2. The second coming will not be stoppable for it shall be the spirit of that man setting his people free. That way, no weapon on earth can stop him this time.
        Besides, two years later and RC are still going, so clearly, it ain't you.


    14. Do you think a movie based on this premise would find a wide audience from both the secular and religious bases - assuming the characters were treated with the proper reverence?

      Or do you think Christians would find the movie offensive - Jews as well for that matter?

    15. we are doing this for our youth group and we thought of Black widow to Mary Magdalene because they both face trails in their life and Peter for the Hulk because Peter has to face just like the hulk has 2 faces.

    16. Thank you this was very helpful.. morgan


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