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    Tuesday, May 29, 2012

    Relax and Eat at Wings and Dips Davao

    I had this terrible headache over the weekend. I don’t know why, maybe because I have been adjusting to new working schedule and my body clock is trying to become flexible to adapt to new working time. As a good steward of this body, I know I have to do something to pacify the pain, and no, I am not referring to some sort of medication, although it would help, but I know what my body is asking me- FOOD. I love to eat, that is why when my body feels something bad, I scout for food for comfort regardless of whether I’m hungry or not. So I guess what happened during weekend was one of those days where I need to find a relaxing ambiance and eat my heart out.

    My feet brought me here:

    “Wings and Dips” is located at The Peak of Gaisano Mall, Bajada Street, Davao City. This is one of food chains you would like to visit at The Peak.

    So I ordered Fish and chips with rice and Potato Fries

    Ok, I know this is carbo-redundancy, but I don’t care, I just want to eat. I paid 140 pesos for this meal and I’ve waited for about 20 minutes. Just when I am about to lose my patience for waiting that long when I am the only customer, the food arrived and I suddenly starved.

    I tried their fish, it was crispy, firm and, ahmm, and….. and…. Ok, delicious. Just look at it:

    I really enjoyed the fish and their dips and their fries. I was so full that I could not even finish my plate.

    I paid another 20 pesos for this cold and sexy iced tea.

    I almost forgot my name (exagg) and yeah, I totally forgot the headache.

    When you are at The Peak of Gaisano Mall, try Wings and Dips.

    Very clean restaurant:

    The ambiance is very relaxing too:

    And the staffs are accommodating:

    Wings and Dips also serve Pastas like Pesto, Marinara Puttanesca, Bolognese, Mushroom Carbonara, Presto with Gambas, Spanish Style Bangus with Pesto and Garlic Hungarian. Try their lasagna too, and a lot more.

    For the patience invested for waiting for my meal, my rating for Wings and Dips is 7.5/10.

    Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post


    1. I love Wings and Dips! The first and last was last year's dfat pa. lelz. :D I need to go back there! Their gambas is so yummeh.

    2. haven't tried the gambas yet, maybe next time pagbalik, I'll definitly try it

    3. Haven't been there yet. Looks tasty hehe. Last time when I was at the Peak there wasn't much going on yet.

    4. Hmmm... Glad to hear that their food is still yummy, after all these years... We visited their first branch several times in the past and I fell in love with their blue cheese dip. Yum! :)

    5. i really like the interiors pero di masyado ako nagagawi dito sa part ng davao.

    6. I usually order the platter which has calamari. fish n chips, pasta n chicken tenders in it.. forgot the name of the dish :D

    7. Wings and Dips' Gambas in Olive Oil is to die for! Definitely, a must try.

    8. I was at Wings and Dips last night, it was my first time. I also ordered Fish and Chips, hehehe! It was delicious!!! You should try their Chicken, super masarap din! =)

    9. My favorite combo would have to be pesto (gambas), wings in original mild W&D sauce, mashed potato and bleu cheese dip! =)

    10. havent eaten there yet! is their fish cream dory?


    11. Thank you for the wonderful feedback guys. Try our newly improved wings also. Paper thin crrrunch even with the sauce. :)

    12. Me too! I love Wings and Dips :) I love that they have great food at good prices, too! I even blogged about this resto in my blog (finally!) :)


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