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    Monday, May 14, 2012

    Up Close and Personal: Iya Villania for Bioessence

    Kapamilya star Iya Villania visited Davao last weekend to celebrate the First Anniversary of Bioessence Serenity Spa- Abreeza branch. She is the newest endorser of Bioessence along with the fellow Kapamilya Nikki Gil.

    Iya Villania has evolved from a simple texting game show host on TV. she impresses us with her versatility as an actress, she charms us with her pretty face on Myx and she helps us start a positive and healthy day on her morning show  Umagang Kayganda.

    I think Bioessence picked a perfect endorser because Iya Villania possesses the following:

    1. Unden-IYA-bly beautiful

    Well, look at her:

    I know she’s beautiful on TV, but when I saw her in person, I can really describe her in one word: GODDESS

    My heart skips a beat when I saw her standing and talking right in front of me. And to be honest, I totally forgot what she said during that interview.

    She’s just so beautiful that somebody from the member of the press candidly asked her if she has ever undergone surgical treatment especially on her face. Instead of being embarrassed by the question, she just laughed it off and confidently answered that her beauty is natural.

    Bioessence played a vital role to keep Iya and all their clients beautiful. According to Dra. Emma B. Guerrero, the President of Bioessence, it is important to stress out once in a while. You should not just work and work and work. Sometimes, you need to get a massage or pamper yourself. This is the sole purpose of Bioessence. They offer services that would help you rejuvenate your cells and stay young and beautiful despite the hectic schedules and stress from work.

    Aside from Bioessence, Iya also shared to us her secrets to natural beauty. Drink a lot of water, apply moisturizer and sun block, and most of all SLEEP.

    2. Miss Congen-IYA-lity

    Iya’s affability is so natural that you would not doubt her sincerity. If you will ask her any question, she will openly and pleasantly answer it without further ado. She can relate to the media, to the customers and to the staffs. She even stayed with us for some extra chit chats and picture taking after the press conference.

    With Iya’s congeniality, I’m sure Bioessence can reach a wide range of market. The Marketing Director Mr. Jules Cabanero would like to market not only to rich clients who can afford these kind of pampering services. They want to reach out even to those who are not earning that much that is why they see to it that the price of their service is affordable. 

    I also found out that Bioessence conducted some livelihood training for blinds so they can learn massage.

    3. Multimed-IYA talented 

    Hosting- CHECK
    Acting- CHECK
    Singing- CHECK
    Dancing- CHECK
    Charming- CHECK (kidding..hehehe)

    She can do all of the above, therefore she can be considered a multimedia star. With these talents, Iya is still one of the most bankable Multimedia talents today despite the rise of the new talents in the entertainment industry. So, I asked her, “How did you manage to stay on top of the game?”

    Her reaction was:

    And she said: 

    “Sandali lang ha, bigyan mo ako ng time para iabsorb lahat ng sinasabi mo. Because honestly, I didn’t feel it. I’m not Judy Ann Santos, I’m not Anne Curtis.”

    But I would like Ms. Iya Villania to know that, yes, she’s not Anne Curtis, she’s not Judy Ann Santos, but she’s IYA VILLANIA. She has a name of her own and she doesn’t need to live under the shadow of others because she got the talent, REAL talent.

    Nevertheless, Iya thanked me for acknowledging and appreciating her passion. She’s so humble that she even denied that she’s really a big star because first and foremost, her self is her biggest critic and as far as she is concerned, she’s not a big star, and that she always instil in her mind to do her passion with all her heart regardless of what other people would think. This is the reason why she’s not affected when she reads tweet attacks questioning her fame and her talent.

    And in case you don’t know what real talent means, just look at Iya Villania.

    And look at how Davaoenos supported her:

    Thank you Ms. Iya Villania for visiting us here in Davao. I will forever cherish this moment:

    Of course, my sincerest gratitude goes to Bioessence Serenity Spa for sponsoring this event. I am proud to say that Bioessence is Davao’s original. 18 years, 51 branches and endorsed by famous celebrities, Bioessence has already gained their reputation in terms of skin care and spa in the Philippine Business Industry.

    INNOVATION is the keyword. The company’s President Dra. Emma B. Guerrero   always sees to it that their business is always on the bandwagon of beauty industry. That is why she attended several trainings and courses abroad to use the latest trend for Bioessence. So if you want to stay beautiful and defy the signs of ageing, Bioessence is the perfect choice for you.


    1. Glad to know she is nice as she is pretty in person. Sometimes she comes across as trying-too-hard-to-please on TV, but I am happy to learn that is not so.

    2. I like her coz she's both intelligent and beautiful.:)

    3. I find her one of the prettiest local actresses. Nice to know that she's humble and down-to-earth.

    4. She is really a beauty and the right endorses for Bioessence product.

    5. I was amazed by her humility... I didn't expect it from someone like her.

    6. she is indeed beautiful and flawless but what happened to her hair here.

    7. She's so beautiful and sexy.. and intelligent too :)

    8. Isn't Drew A. one heck of a lucky guy to have Iya for a GF? Tsk.

    9. working w/ her every week at MYX is always fun. she's really jolly in person :)


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