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    Thursday, May 24, 2012

    Watch Dream High- an Inspiring Korean TV Series

    In Korean, Dream High is pronounced as “Deurem Hai”.

    Ok, let’s do a short Korean101 here.

    This is how you should write “Deurem Hai” in Korean:
    드림 하이

    The first syllable is read as “Deu”

    Where,  ᄃ is “D” and ᅳ is “eu”. Put them together, read it as Deu.
    The second syllable is “RIM”

    Where ᄅ is R,  ᅵis I and  ᄆ is M. So read it as “RIM”
    The Third syllable is read as “HA”

    Where ᄒ  is H and ᅡ is A.
    And the last syllable is simply I

    Where ᄋ is a silent placeholder and  is of course I. So simply read it as I.

    Put them all together, you can come up with an English word “Dream High” and pronounced in Korean as “Deurem Hai”.
     드림 하이

    See, I learned.

    I am not really into TV drama series because I have no patience to wait for the next episode. I hate their cliff hangs because you need to wait for another 24 hours to exactly know what will happen next. I prefer to watch movies because the story starts and ends in one sitting.

    But since I am trying to learn the Korean language, I thought watching Korean movies and TV series would help me understand the language. I randomly selected Dream High from the list of downloadable Korean movies and TV series and patiently watched the 16 episodes of the show. I never regretted watching this show because I have learned a lot of Korean words and it is very inspiring. I can really relate to the characters seeing that I am a dreamer. Like the characters on this TV show, I also have dreams of my own and reaching the goals is not really that easy.

    Let’s take a look at each leading character of the Korean TV series Dream High and see if you can relate to them.

    Meet Song Sam Dong:

    This guy is very talented. He can sing and he can dance, but the setback is, his talent is very raw. He grew up in a community where being in a limelight is not a big deal. For as long as you have something to feed for your stomach for daily survival, then you’re good to go. Song Sam Dong just lives his life together with his mother. He is not aware that given the chance to polish his talent, he can really soar up high. His father is a real performer, but since he passed away, he left them nothing but the love of music. When Song Sam Dong is selected as one of the students of Kirin Art School under the “Special Class” (students with talent but did not pass the audition), he knows that performing on stage is what he want to do in life.

    This is how Song Sam Dong looks like when he first arrived at Kirin.

    But time and situation lead him to change for a better Song Sam Dong.

    Of all the characters in this show, I can relate more to the character of Song Sam Dong. He dreamed, he learned, he loved, he was hurt, he was ridiculed, he was rejected, but he still survived and made it to the top.

    She is Go Hye Mi.

    She’s the leading female character of this show. She’s beautiful, she’s so talented and she’s so smart. However, her talent, her beauty and her intelligence are superseded by her arrogance, pride and prejudice. She’s a girl with no emotion. Her heart is like a stone. That is why despite her talent, she did not pass the audition and assigned under Special Class together with Song Sam Dong.

    Go Hye Mi is just like a diamond in the rough, she’s too precious but unless all the iniquities will be removed, she won’t shine at all.

    A heartless and emotionless Go Hye Mi:

    She then turned into happy and nice Go Hye Mi after she has been tested with several hurdles in life.

    With her ruthless attitude, Go Hye Mi found true friends because these friends of her love her and accepted her without expecting in return from her. She then realized later on that life is too good to stay unhappy. She embraces her talent, changed what needs to be changed and only after that realization she was able to conquer the stage and outshine others.

    Of course, you should also meet Jin Guk:

    A happy go lucky rich kid. He loves trouble and dreaming is not his cup of tea. But unless you know his life story, you wouldn’t understand why he is acting that way. This dreamless guy once saw somebody singing and dancing, and he knows right at that instance that he love to do the same. Being enveloped by his negative emotion and his rotten relationship with his father, Jin Guk ignored the desire to sing and dance. However, it is his destiny to own the stage. An uninterested Jin Guk joined the Special Class to find the real meaning of his life and to seek his Father’s attention. With the passion to perform on stage and the desire to become a successful performer to prove to his father that he is a son he would be proud of, Jin Guk easily owned the limelight.

    Meet the best friend of Go Hying Mi, Yoon Baek Hee:

     She’s the underdog loyal best friend of Go Hye Mi. She really likes Go Hye Mi that despite the fact that she’s not getting any appreciation, she still remains to be her best friend. After getting insults and bad words from Go Hye Mi, Baek Hee outshines Go Hye Mi during the audition at Kirin. She was hurt how Go Hye Mi treated her that she did everything to the best of her ability to remorse against Go Hye Mi. Baek Hee has been a successful student at Kirin, but her vengeful heart made her unworthy of the limelight. She violated rules and even attempted to kill Go Hye Mi because of her hatred to her former best friend. Baek Hee soared up high and reached the pedestal of her career, but she’s still threatened by Go Hye Mi and she’s afraid that her former best friend would shine brighter than her. She finally achieved her downfall after she cheated on her music composition class. She’s so desperate to regain her crown until an unexpected turn out of events happened. Yoon Baek Hee learned to stand up again, forgive Go Hye Mi and move on her life. She started from the bottom again with reconciled relationship with Go Hye Mi, and success is sweeter this time because she did it all without hatred in her heart.

    This charming sweet girl is Kim Pil Suk.

    When you say talent, nothing can beat Kim Pil Suk.The problem is that, she’s so fat that nobody is interested on her. Although she passed the audition, Kim Pil Suk volunteered to join the Special Class because she knows she has no place in the Art School with her BIG appearance.

    Kim Pil Suk almost gave up on her dream because she just can’t discipline herself especially when it comes to food. But her love interest at school named Jason challenged her for 200 days diet program. Inspired by Jason, Kim Pil Suk worked hard to lose weight. This is how Kim Pil Suk looks like before:

    After the change in her figure, Kim Pil Suk found it easy to reach her dream as a singer and as a performer, and of course, Jason.

    And speaking of Jason, meet this proud boy:

    He is one of the best students at Kirin, but he is too proud to take everything easy. He thinks he knows everything that he sometimes skips school and practices. But Kim Pil Suk helped him to dream and to set goals in life. Just because you’re awesome and you’re great don’t mean you can just take everything easily. If you know you are good enough, you still need to set your priorities and goals.

    Everyone of us has a dream. We run our own race. But we must also know that reaching a dream is not just a simple task for us to do. Sometimes, this is also test of character. The question is, are you willing to be polished? Are you brave enough to go through life’s adversities for your dreams?

    You could only say YES to these questions if you dare to DREAM HIGH.

    My rating for this TV show is 9.2/10. I deducted 0.8 because of a little bit corny ending. Oh no, did I just spoil you?


    1. =) Kaya mataas ratings ng show na ito kasi reflected din siya sa buhay ng mga kabataan sa Pilipinas na may mga pangarap na gustong matupad sa larangan ng performing arts

    2. how did you type those korean letters using your keyboard?aw hehe or pic un?hihi i don't want watching koreans na kasi i can feel i'm getting older. dati ka age lng ung mga nka ganyan, ngayon ilang years na lumipas.hihi

    3. Wheheheh funny as it sounds but i already finished watching it, i watche dit in korean with english sub.. and i must admit i am super hooked to it--- very nice korean series^^__^^

      Eigroj Stain

    4. i have yet to watch this. other than abs-cbn, i noticed this in another channel sa cable pero subtitled lang.. :o

    5. Thanks for the Korean lesson. I live in a cave so this is my first time to hear about this show.

    6. Thanks for the Korean 101. Dream High looks like an interesting story.

    7. I like how you related the movie to life which is very true. Korean movies have good story lines that's why it generates so much appeal.

    8. Just might actually watch this now ...

    9. love this series! especially the main girl :)

    10. I'm done with rooftop prince, this will be my next project! lol

    11. there something in koreanovela that catch the hearts of the pilipinos!

    12. I like this one kasi hindi centered sa romance kundi sa dreams ng mga kabataan to excel as multi-media performers. :)

    13. suddenly had a korean 101. thanks ;P

    14. heard a lot of good reviews about this. and i love their hair! hihi :)

    15. interesting, I am so confused to watch this because of different version, I will remember the pic you posted so that I can watch the right one

    16. Uh-oh. Looks like Pinoys have a new set of Korean idols to follow.

    17. I'm not a fan of anything Korean but I have seen a few of their movies and TV series and so far I liked how their stories went.

      Congrats on learning Korean and good luck! :)

    18. I used to be a K-drama addict but I outgrew the habit...LOL

    19. this drama is super inspiring, nakaka-relate ang mga teens :)


    20. come on guys! les reach our dream

    21. let's keep dreaming high!!! reach towards oyr dream <3.. I DREAM HIGH :)

    22. This is one of my favorite series.


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