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    Thursday, June 14, 2012

    The Parable of the Scarborough Shoal and the Nest

    This is the epic and the controversial Scarborough Shoal:

    This is the reason why Philippines and China are not in good terms. Both countries are claiming territory over the Scarborough Shoal and nobody wants to compromise their own prejudices.

    Human as we are, we tend to really grasp on what we think we own. If somebody claims ownership over the things that we own, we tend to go haywire because it is human instinct to defend ownership.

    I know how it feels to be bullied, one moment you are enjoying your ice cream, and the next moment somebody will grab it out of your hand and claim that the ice cream is theirs. Eventhough you and the bully know that you are the real owner of the ice cream, you can’t do anything but try to get back your ice cream to the best of your martial arts ability, and if you can’t still get it back, use your ultimate sumbong power.

    When I was a kid, I am fond of climbing trees. I maybe can’t justify it now but I am really a tree climber way back elementary days. There was this one instance that I literally created a nest in the guyabano tree. And because I am not a bird, I can’t really create a perfect nest, so what I did was, I put some haystacks on the tree branch and leave it there hoping that a lazy preggy bird will find it and will form the haystacks into a nest. I was so excited that every other day, I kept on checking for any progress. On the first day, no signs of progress. Second day, still, no nest created. Third day, I was so frustrated because the birds did not bite on my bait. Just when I am about to give up on the fourth day, I found out that the scattered haystacks are now formed into a nest, and as a bonus, I saw three small eggs of a bird. I was so excited and happy that time but I did not touch the eggs because they said mother birds can actually sense if human has touched their eggs or even the nest. And if they found out that somebody touches it, they will abandon the nest and the poor eggs. So I was careful not to touch it. I checked the nest every other day and my life rotates around that nest for quite several days. One day, this kid from the neighbourhood excitedly approached me in one of the regular playing sessions. He said he want to show me something he found. When he showed to me his precious discovery, I saw three little cute birdies perking out of the nest and I know that it belongs to me. It was my nest. I know how it looks like because I visited and checked it every day. I memorized every strip of haystack and how it was knitted by the bird. Before he bragged about it, I told him that it was my nest and that he got that nest from the guyabano tree. He did not deny that he got it from the guyabano tree, but he could not accept the fact that I own the nest. I can’t defend myself because I have no signed document that I organized the nest for these three little birdies. He turned his back and run off with my precious nest and the three small birds. I cried so hard. I think that’s the loudest cry I ever made so far. I can still feel it now, the pain, the betrayal, the guilt and the remorse. I have really no intention to get that nest out of the tree because in the first place, I don’t own it. I am just an instrument to organize a nest for a mother bird and her three birdies. I know I can’t hold them forever, but looking at the nest on the hand of the other kid is another story. I swear I could kill a kid that time for taking something they don’t own. I don’t know what happened to the nest, I don’t know what happened to the birdies and I don’t know what happened to the mother bird. But I realized one thing, if you take ownership over somebody’s property, it will trigger a long term war.

    I don’t know what will happen now between China and Philippines. Hopefully, the issue will be settled through a peaceful talk because if not, I smell war, a long term war.

    God Bless the Scarborough Shoal.

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    1. Your experience when you're a kid is like the issue between China and Philippines. We all know that the reason why China is claiming Panatag shoal is the natural resources that they an get from it. But I'm hoping that this territorial dispute may not lead to a long term war.


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