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    Thursday, July 12, 2012

    Suggested Jogging Spots in Davao City

    Jog your way to health and fitness. This has been my health mantra for the past few months. After I was diagnosed with vertigo, I decided to take extra effort to exercise for my health’s sake. I realized health has not been on my list of priorities and I think it’s high time to work out for my health.

    Jogging is first on my list. Aside from it is free and doesn’t really require too much of your time (you can do this 3 times a week, 1 hour per day), there are also a lot of convenient places here in Davao City where you can jog. These are the top 3 jogging spots so far that I can recommend here in Davao City.

    1. Magsaysay Park
    If you want to commune with nature while jogging, well I think Magsaysay Park is the best place for you. Magsaysay Park is situated fronting the sea, so you can have a full view of the sea while running.

    You can also jog on their mini oval. Usually, people are using this as a skating rink or biking arena, but you can also jog here.

    The mini plaza is also a good spot for jogging at Magsaysay Park.

    Magsaysay Park is located at Magsaysay, Davao City adjacent to Uyanguren. This place is very accessible, you wouldn’t find it hard to go there.

    1. People’s Park
    Clean environment and fresh air, these are what People’s Park can offer you.

    This is a place where people can just hang out, talk, laugh and appreciate nature.

    But this is also a place where people jog. 

    In fact, this is a place I recommend for those who just want to jog and stretch. 

    1. SM Car Park
    If you are staying near SM Davao City, I would recommend SM Car Park as a jogging venue.

    Well, the best time obviously to jog is morning time, or else, you will jog while battling with cars and what not. SM Car park is very spacious and since it is vacant in the morning, you can turn it into a jogging space.

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