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    Saturday, September 15, 2012

    SM Lanang Premier Davao Offers So Much More

    Another flagship mall of SM City will come to Davao City soon. Presenting, the SM Lanang Premier Davao:

    The SM Lanang Premier Davao is set to open this September 28, 2012 with a promise to offer us "So Much More". 

    Here are what await to the FOODIES out there:


    The Green Coffee
    Dairy Queen
    Sumo Sam
    Hog's Breath Cafe

    Here are store surprises for Beauty and Lifestyles:

    Forever 21 PH


    For the Shoppers:

    SM Supermarket

    The SM Store

    For your Events and Entertainment:

    IMAX theater

    SMX Convention Center
    Sky Garden
    SM Bowling

    I will update the list of store surprises at SM Lanang Premier Davao soon.


    1. Another one of SM's Mall opening which should be a welcome news to people in Davao and it looks massive since it has an IMAX and a convention center.

    2. Can't wait for this to open, we'll be there on the 28th when it opens to the public =)

    3. This mall is sooooooo huge! Yey hurray for Davao's developments!

    4. Another SM Mall opening that offers big entertainment and value sale.. Cheers Henry SY..

    5. I can't remember when was my last visit to Davao but SM developments there have been intense in the past years or so. It is good to know that the IMAX technology is also there already. Must a great place to spend the weekends with the family.

    6. when I saw Dairy Queen, I smiled. nice to know active businesses in the area.

    7. It seems that SM can be found practically everywhere.

    8. Keep us updated! Good to see more developments in our country.

    9. So this is the 2nd SM in Davao? We only have a very small SM in CDO. Good thing Ayala will open here soon :)

    10. Weeehhh!!! So excited. Malapit na talaga. ^_^

    11. I've heard about this upcoming mall from one of The Green Coffee's tweets. I actually love Green Coffee (their branch in Tomas Morato, QC).. glad that their opening a new branch, let alone in an SM Mall. :)

    12. wow another SM mall, i wonder what's up next to compete the mall...

    13. Will look forward to your next updates

    14. I'm no fan of SM (and never will be), and I hate to see another one open in my favorite city in the country, Davao. I hope ALI opens a successor to Abreeza soon - malls that are green-rated and take pro-active measures to protect and sustain the environment.

    15. there's nothing to miss with SM. and it's already a part of filipino lifestyle just like the teleseryes and noontime show... :) i just miss it... :)

    16. Apart from the new restos, I am excited to try the IMAX! Just a few more days to go...

      For all foodies out there, here are some info about new restos to check out:

    17. Wow, they are really expanding, really fast! Dito sa amin sa SF, Pampanga, dalawa na ang SM Malls, and to mention that they are both in the same city, bigtime na talaga ang SM! They got it all for us! Haha

    18. Wow. Republic of SM na tayo :) Here in Pampanga alone we already have 3 SM Malls and 1 SM Hypermart and 2 or more SaveMore.. :)

    19. SM malls are just like mushroom that grow anywhere...
      No wonder that Henry Sy is the wealthiest in the
      Philippines. From Aparri to Jolo...

    20. another mall how many shops do you need in davao? people get excited about another shopping mall but what would excite me is a top class sports stadium

    21. I'm also very excited to go to SM Lanang since we're only living at cabantian. it's only about 10 minutes from our place, i want to experience i-Max!!!

    22. Sosyal, may F21 store :D
      No need to go pa to Manila ;)

      How big is this? (like, which mall in manila is as big as this?)

    23. Great one for Davao. Another place to shop.

    24. the last time I was in DAvao this is still in major construction . In a span of months it is ready to open . simply wow. it would not be difficult for me to visit the mall just by going to Ecoland SM...

    25. Wow! Another SM Mall, galing! Wala ba talaga Mercury Druug sa looob ng SM Malls?

    26. Mr Sy really plans to expand down south. ^_^


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