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    Friday, October 26, 2012

    Scary Halloween Costumes Ever

    As Halloween is fast approaching, I am sure Halloween-themed parties are happening everywhere. This is a kind of party where you don’t need to be gorgeous and handsome because this is not a party for good looking people, this is a party for those who can project the scariest and the ugliest and the yuckiest face in the crowd. If you have the most dilapidated and awkward face, you will surely stand out at the Halloween party.

    Since we are after the scariest figure in the crowd, your hope to stand out in a Halloween Party relies on the costume. Wear a powerful costume and win the charm of the crowd by wearing the most awesome but scariest costume.

    Here are my suggestions:

    1. Man in the Coffin costume

    How would you like to appear in the crowd in a coffin costume?

    There’s something eerie about coffins that would make it more appealing in the Halloween party. A coffin in the party? How would you like that huh? But the downside of wearing this huge costume is that, you can’t just simply walk in the middle of the crowd while inside the fake coffin. You need some volunteers to carry your coffin for you to make it more realistic.

    2. Wear a Wrecked Face

    One of the scariest costumes in the Halloween party is the wrecked-face man.

    You can appear bloody and ugly, or somebody with awkward face. This one requires a lot of cosmetics and make ups and a great talent to paint a wrecked face over a not so handsome face. And I am sure it is not easy to wear this kind of make up for the whole duration of the party, but it’s worth the scare.

    3. Preggy woman

    If you are a pregnant woman and you want to bring your fetus to the trick or treat, you can appear scary by using your bulky womb. Try this costume I found online for pregnant women.

    Imagine baby’s hands coming out of the mother’s womb. Bloody and scary.

    So there, I think you can scare a whole lot of children and by passers with those Halloween costumes I mentioned. Nevertheless, win or loss, what matters most is that you enjoyed the party and the SPIRITS.

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