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    Wednesday, May 2, 2012

    What’s so Hot About Talikud Island?

    talikud island

    Excellent Diving sites. Promising tourist attractions. Commendable palm-lined beaches. These are what Talikud Island can offer to its visitors. Talikud Island is located in the South-West area of the Samal Island. It is about 1 hour away from the Sta. Ana wharf, Davao City and you can reach this Island via a boat. 

    You can do a lot of things at Talikud Island. If you are planning for wild adventure and ultimate beach experience, this is a perfect choice for you especially if you are here in Davao.

    Here are the things that you can do at Talikud Island:

    1. SCUBA Diving
    With the help of SCUBA diving guides, you can learn the basics of SCUBA diving. You need to know first the do’s and dont’s before you can go deep down the sea.


    For the first timers, it could be a little bit difficult to dive, but just think of what you can see underwater and the tense will just go away.


    Once you are in synch with the water, the excitement starts.

    Aside from the blue and clean sea water, diving at Talikud Island is a must experience. If you want to see the underwater world of Talikud Island, you can visit this link for my diving experience:

    2. Snorkelling

    For those who can’t dive, you can just snorkel around.

    With the help of snorkelling equipment, you can just view the coral and the fishes from sea surface.

     3. Swimming

    Who can say no to waves and blue water? Of course you can’t just stay there and stare the sea under the heat of the sun. You can go and swim. Just don’t forget to put on some lotion to avoid sun burn.

     4. Island Hopping

    We went to three different parts of the Island. With the help of this boat, we have explored different excellent diving spots in Talikud Island.

    First stop: Angel’s cove

    Angel’s cove has healthy coral reefs and I can say this is a commendable diving spot. 

    The water is very clear that you can just snorkel to see the underwater living species.

    Second Stop: Babu Santa

    Clean and reserved Island. This is where we stayed for lunch. Despite the fact that the island is a little bit crowded, cleanliness is their first priority here.

    Third Stop: The west part of Angel’s Cove

    For our third and final stop, we went to this part of the angel’s cove. This area is deeper than the other islands we visited. And if it is deeper, you can even see more unique sea creatures and an ultimate island hopping experience.

     5.Pig Outing

    What is Island hopping and diving without foods?

    Imagine you are at the beach and you have delectable food in front of you. I may say it’s an awesome pig out moment.

    Next time you visit Davao City, experience the hotness of Talikud Island, and I swear you will never regret it.


    1. the place looks amazing--- i'm jealous to see people diving coz im scared of it---

    2. Wow! I can't imagine how fun it is to be there as there's a lot of things that you can do! Loved the photos as well. They're all clear that took out the place's beauty

    3. I wish I could visit all our beautiful beaches here in the Phillippines~ Davao is next on my list! =)

    4. Wow! Hopefully I get to visit Talikud Island in the future.. :D Would love to try scuba diving and snorkeling! ^^

    5. I don't get it why they named it Talikud. Is the island's white shoreline facing the island opposite Davao?

    6. I've always been proud of what the Philippines has to offer... I know our country is such a great place... and I really hope more and more people can appreciate that and start doing their own little thing not just to spread the news but help protect it as well

    7. i've always wanted to try scuba diving!! syang our davao trip did not push thru.. hopefully i could visit talikud island next time :)

    8. looks fun! ive never been there!

    9. Ganda ng Place...:)
      Di ako marunong mag swimming kaya inggit na inggit ako sa taong marunong.. hehehehe..:)

      Ang cool ng pic ng ANgel's cove..

    10. linaw ng tubig! wish i could also visit the place, will include Talikod Island in my list:)

    11. A funny name for an island and yet, its treasures are really awesome. ^_^

    12. Cool another place to visit in Davao. Ganda ng place.

    13. This looks amazing!

    14. ang ganda ng angel's cove. ang linaw ng tubig. i wonder kung gaano kalaki ang place though..

    15. That's some clear water, white sand awesomeness! Hope to visit this place soon :D

    16. Such a nice place to dive, lounge and eat. Summer is not yet over!

    17. The Philippines just doesn't run out of beautiful place to see :)Wish I could visit Talikud Island, too :)

    18. I am a water person. I love being in the beach and swimming pool.


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